Cuenca, Spain & the Hanged Houses

The Casas Colgadas (Hanged Houses) is a complex of a few houses located in a mountain town of Cuenca.

In the past, houses of this kind were frequent along the eastern border of the ancient town, located near the ravine or gorge of the river Huécar.

Today, however, there are only a few of them remaining. Of all of these structures, the most well-known is a group of three with wooden balconies.

Their origin remains uncertain, though there is proof of their existence in the 15th century. Throughout their history they have been refurbished several times. The most recent took place during the 1920s.

They are best viewed from the Parador on the opposite side of the cliff & accessed by an old wooden slat bridge.

The pueblo viejo town is beautiful to look around especially at sunset.


  1. What a delightful town – those houses are amazing!
    Your weather looks like it’s good for exploring….and love your photos too!
    Happy travels xxx

    • Yes it was a beautiful place – would love to spend more time there. Hope you are well? We’ll be back in UK Sunday for 3.5 weeks (first week dog sitting 2 cat sitting).

      • Hiya! Sorry, only just seen your reply and that you’re back in UK!
        Be great to meet up one evening if you’re in town- any dates spring to mind?
        Love x

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