Thiruvananthapuram, India

We wanted to visit the capital of Kerala: Thiruvananthapuram, as there are several temples here & it’s a convenient stop-over as we head further South. Apparently Gandhi referred to the city ‘the green city’ & you can certainly see why.

What to see:

Napier Museum

The Napier Museum is set in a beautifully kept park, along with the oldest Zoo in India, art galleries & the usual park activities. It houses a rare collection of archaeological and historic artefacts, bronze idols, ancient ornaments, a temple chariot and ivory carvings. The building itself is stunning.

Padmanabhaswamy Temple

The main temple in the city, has a strict dress code (only Lungi for men & Saris for women).

The temple under a new moon

Attukal Bhagavathy Temple

Again we did not venture in, but beautiful from the outside.

Priyadarshini Planetarium & Science Museum

The only show in English, is at 12 midday. We got there to be told it was full (hoards of school children). However, he called us back & fitted us in as guests. Unfortunately just as we were about to go in, the projector broke down & we were told it was cancelled & we were refunded.

We walked around the aging ‘science museum’ where unfortunately half the exhibits were broken, but still enjoyed ourselves & the gardens outside.

Mall of Travancore

A huge modern shopping centre on the way to the airport with lots of International brands. We had nothing to buy, but took advantage of the aircon & food mall.

How to get around:

There are plenty of options: taxi, metro or as we chose, tuk tuk (costs 40 pence – £1.50 to all places mentioned above).

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