Kerala – The Idea, Booking, Planning & Getting Ready

The Idea & Planning

So … it’s been a while since our last back-packing adventure & we’ve been dreaming of travelling again. Various reasons have meant we’ve put it off, but, we decided post Christmas to take a leap & take a month out.

On the Monday we discussed some ideas & agreed where; Tuesday evening we applied for online Visas; Wednesday evening, we got confirmation back; & therefore, Friday morning we booked tickets for the following week (from Heathrow as it was cheaper flying from the UK, even with the flights from Spain).

Never before have we cut it so fine, before deciding & travelling. We had 7 days to plan & get ready.

Where are we going?

Our plan consists of a map of Kerala, some key suggested highlights & the first 2 nights accommodation – just how we like it (open & flexible).

What to take

Both Colin & I have recently purchased 30l rucksacks to replace our 40l – the challenge this time is to pack for 2 weekends in the UK (either end of the trip, as we fly from Heathrow) plus clothes for India which will equip us for hot days on the beach, conservative travel days on public transport & warm clothes for chilly Hill Stations.

Final Preparations

Other than that, our injections are up to date, insurance bought, freezer being run down, bags packed, coach to Heathrow sorted & cat sitters arranged. Unless I’ve forgotten something, I think we’re almost ready πŸ‘


  1. Fabulous!! So excited for you both….I think you could maybe wear *all* your clothes in the UK – it’s right chilly here!!! 🀣
    Happy travels! Xxx

    • It was freezing in the UK last weekend. Still we are off to the tea plantations in the hill stations tomorrow which is apparently -Β° at night, so I’m glad I brought my thermal vest πŸ˜‚ despite it being 32Β° & really humid in Kochi today. Thanks for the like – I hope you enjoy reading 😘

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