Córdoba, Spain

We had visited Córdoba previously, several years ago, but we’d only had time to visit the Mezquita & little else. So this time, we stayed 2 nights to ensure we had at least one full day in the city.

We decided to treat ourselves & go a little bit more upmarket than our usual ‘budget’ accommodation, so we booked Los Patios. The hotel is right across the road from the main entrance (& bell tower) of the Mezquita; literally footsteps away.

Things to do in Córdoba

Google is full of information on the history & the top places to visit in the city; so I won’t replicate this. Instead, I’ll just post some photos & a brief introduction to each of the places we visited.

I used a handy app called ‘Visit A City‘ to download some walking tours with the key things to see & do (with walks that range from Leisurely – Intensive).

Roman Bridge (Puente Romano)

The ancient bridge still stands on the original first century AD foundation, pointing a direct path to the Mezquita. Luckily for us, we parked on the outskirts of the city & the bridge was en route to our hotel.

Mezquita (Mosque -Cathedral)

The beautiful mosque was built between the 8th – 10th centuries, Cordoba’s Mezquita is one of the earliest and most beautiful examples of Spanish Islamic architecture. Inside the center has been converted to a Catholic Cathedral blending both faiths in one building.

For everything you need to know about the Mosque/Cathedral this is a really useful site

Enter the Puerta de las Palmas (Door of the Palms) where 850 columns rise before you, topped with red and cream arches.

As we had visited before, although I wanted to take some better photos, I wasn’t too worried about visiting again. I’d rather save the entrance fee €10pp for something we hadn’t seen before.

However, luckily for us, there’s a little known fact 😉 Entrance is free between 08.30-09.30 each day before mass, if you can get up early enough & it avoids large crowds 👍

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Jewish Quarter (Judería)

Hundreds of little alleyways, patios & shops, make this an intriguing way to find some shelter from the heat & to while away the morning in the cafés.

Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos

Plaza de las Tendillas

Situated on an ancient site, it’s now a modern pedestrianised square & the hub of all the roads leading from the old to new parts of the city.

Calleja de Los Flores & Patios

In this area, you can spend hours just wandering around, looking at beautiful hidden patios behind ornate iron gates & streets decorated with plants.

May is the time for ‘Ferias’

There are multiple ferias & fiestas during May & our trip coincided with these perfectly.

Here’s the link to our previous visit blog with more photos.


  1. The weather was amazing, very hot. Luckily we escaped the midday heat walking around the shaded alleyways. We love Córdoba, such as beautiful city. Hope you are both well 😘

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