Bali Part 3 – Ubud, Canggu & Sanur

The road from Munduk to Ubud took us through countryside that was truly amazing. I’m so glad we used the same driver ‘Alex’ as he made sure he told us all about the places of interest, types of trees & fruit and about the farmers’ crops we saw on the way (& despite that I felt poorly, I was still fascinated).


We’ve visited Ubud before & weren’t too impressed at the overpriced yoga & coffee shops and false hippy vibe. We returned again believing there was an agent here who could extend our visas (they are actually in Kuta, so we could have gone straight to the coast, but she sent a driver to collect our passports, so there were no problems). Our second visit has coincided with me being ill, a visit to a doctor & being ‘mugged’ by a particularly vicious monkey, so I’m trying hard to give Ubud a second chance. However, we’re still not convinced.


Canggu is 15k up the beach from Kuta (which most people have heard of). It is popular with surfers & still retains the quietness of village life, although it is growing rapidly. Canggu is dotted with coffee shops & a wide variety of eateries, from local to Sushi (& a place called ‘The Creamery’ which makes icecream to order using liquid nitrogen). However, apart from surfing, coffee shop hopping & sunset watching, there isn’t much else to do here… Perfect for some.


Our passports with immigration & an appointment set for the Monday to give in our fingerprints (hopefully in exchange for extended visas) we had a few days ‘to kill’ before leaving Bali. Unimpressed with Canggu, we headed for Sanur, which we’d visited before 2.5 years ago.

Sanur has changed dramatically in that time. Gone are most of the beach shacks & warungs to be replaced by international cafes. The small B&Bs replaced by large hotels… but it still retains charm.


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