Bali Part 2 – Lovina & Munduk


From Amed, we moved on to the North of the Island & a coastal town called Lovina. To get there, we had to take a private car as public transport & Perama buses do not go this far. In hindsight an International Driver’s Licence might have been helpful this trip, but we’ve had them before & never used them.

Lovina is a scenic strip of sandy beach, which appears to be just developing as a resort. Although not so developed, there appears to be more Westerners here, including Ex Pat residents (Amed had a high proportion of Asian tourists, including Chinese & Korean there for the diving).

The town appears to be famous for dolphin watching & not a huge amount else. Most of the trips were inland, to waterfalls & temples, where we plan to go next anyway.

Despite having a lovely beach, the sea is very shallow & there is coral, which isn’t ideal for swimming.

We stayed at Bottelmania which is out of town, near the mosque & a Muslim fishing village. It’s an amazing place with everything covered in artwork, an indoor pool & (in our opinion) the best food in town.


From Lovina, we had to get a private driver once again to visit our next destination – Munduk.

High up in the mountains, in the middle of Bali, Munduk is home to waterfalls, rice terraces, vineyards & coffee/cocoa farms. Munduk itself is a tiny village based a long windy road, which has become popular with tourists for hiking to the above destinations. The surrounding countryside is absolutely beautiful & for me, it is the real Bali.

Next …

Unfortunately the WiFi is struggling yet again to upload photos, so I will split this blog into a third & hopefully final part… Next stop Ubud & then the coast, whilst we wait for our visas to be extended.

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