Bali Part 1 – Candidasa & Amed

Getting there …
The 60 minute flight from Java-Bali was in a twin-prop plane on Wings Airlines. Once through arrivals, it was already getting dark. We had been advised to get a cab outside of the airport grounds as they are much cheaper. We negotiated with a driver who agreed the price we were looking for & off we set for the 60-90 min journey. The traffic however, was manic & it took us well over 2 hours; we felt so sorry for the driver (& the meter had gone well over the agreed price) that we gave him the meter amount & a good tip.


A quiet village sprinkled with a few tourist lodgings, mainly Australian families or couples seeking peace & quiet.

we stayed at the Amarta Beach Bungalows at £23 a night inc breakfast.

Amed, Jemeluk

When we visited Bali in 2015, Amed was our favourite place. The black volcanic beaches shelving down to a sea full of tropical fish, which have made the place a mecca for diving & snorkeling (& more recently free diving). Even in high season, it has the feel of a local village despite the obvious tourism.

Where we stayed …

We stayed at the Sama Sama Bungalows which we highly recommend at less than €25 per night.

Next Stop: Lovina I’ve decided to split this blog as the WiFi on Bali is not up to supporting it & more photos

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