Indonesia Itinerary: June-Sept 2017

So a week away from our departure to Indonesia, we have a rough plan of where we are headed. our rucksacks are packed & last minute preparations made, apart from the Visas (which we received with 2 days to spare).

I have used an website called Travellers Point to map out our intended itinerary & will update it regularly.

I’ll use this page purely for itinerary related information and will write separate blogs (as normal) for each place we visit.

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With 4 weeks left of our journey, we were feeling a little disappointed with the guide books’ recommendations. Unsure whether to make the long boat journey to Komodo via Flores, we started to research other options.

We investigated Sumatra (4th biggest island in the World) & decided this had much more appeal (Volcanic lakes, villages in the middle of volcano & or course Sumatran Orangutans). Our journey will now look much more like this:

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