Summer ’16 Europe Adventure: July

This blog has now become rather lengthy, so to make it a little easier on the reader, I have split it into 2 parts:

‘Part 1’ Summer ’16 Europe Adventure: July

This article covers our journey to the UK, the first 2 weeks in the UK & our trip to Wales.

‘Part 2’ can be found here: Summer ’16 Europe Adventure: August

Progress so far:

Days 1-4: Barcelona
Our planned journey is split into 7-9hr drives. Therefore, our first logical stop was Barcelona (which took us a total of 9 hrs including breaks). 
We have stayed at the campsite at nearby Gava Beach before. It is situated on a beautiful sandy beach (but unfortunately right at the end of the airport runway).
Barcelona is only a 15min bus journey away, so it is easy to get to. Having visited the City several times previously, this time we tried to explore places neither of us had seen before.

See one of our previous trips here.
Barcelona is one of the more touristy Spanish cities (expensive, with selfie stick salesmen on every corner).

Barcelona Olympic Village

We are missing Terreros/Aguilas already. Next stop a 9-10hr drive through France to Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

Day 5-7: Lake Geneva

We set off as planned on the 9 hour drive from Barcelona to Switzerland. In reality with coffee breaks & rush hour traffic (at both ends of the day around Barcelona & Geneva Airport) it took 11 hours. We were both happy to arrive & finally put up the tent beside the lake. 

Our pitch right on the banks of Lake Geneva

Despite driving over 900 miles north, it is still reaching 31° here during the day. Thankfully, we have one of the few plots with a large tree for shelter, plus the breeze from the lake. 

Rolle is a small village situated right on the lake with typical Swiss architecture & a castle which was built in early 13th century.

Rolle Castle

Day 8-9: Troyes, France
Over the last couple of days in Lake Geneva, we contemplated the noise coming from the car. Both of us agreed it sounded like the early stage of the problems that caused us to breakdown in France in 2013 & 2014 (talk about fate!)

We decided to be cautious & save 650 miles by cutting back through France, rather than heading up to Germany & Belgium. It is a shame, but these things happen.

Therefore, Troyes was an impromptu but surprising stop. 

Troyes is located in the Champagne-Ardenne region. A medieval old town, with narrow cobbled streets lined with colourful timbered houses. The old town dates from the 16th century. There are many Gothic churches & a cathedral with beautiful stained glass windows.

As we’d been camping all week, we took the opportunity to stay in a hotel for one night & to eat out (galettes if course).

Days 10-12: Le Touquet, France

To ensure we were near Calais without any problems with the car, we headed North. We have visited Le Touquet before as a day trip from the UK (by light aircraft from Shoreham Airport). It is a classy coastal town popular with Parisians.

Unfortunately, the weather turned cool & wet for our stay.

Days 13 – 25: Mid Sussex & Brighton, England

We caught the ferry back to the UK four days earlier than planned.

The first couple of weeks in the UK have been mainly catching up with family & friends here in Sussex. We have had plenty of walks out across The Downs, day trips & visits to Brighton.

Days 26- 29 : Wales

We had an amazing (yet very wet) 4 days camping in Wales, based in Oxwich Bay, Gower.

Oxwich Bay

Days 30- 31 : Back in Sussex

Please see August blog for the remainder of the trip …


  1. Oh, I love Troyes, been there twice (quite a few years ago!) beautiful place. Enjoy your stay 🙂

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