Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

So our journey continues!
From the Cameron Highlands our next destination is Kuala Lumpur.

The journey by road is only 4 hrs, so it made sense not to go back to Butterworth & continue by train. Instead we caught the bus.
I have visited KL previously (with my sister) but for Colin, it was his first time. We stayed in the Bukit Bintang area which is ideal to walk to the Petronas Towers & shopping malls; & handy for the Monorail & Metro.

The City & Petronas Towers

Petronas Towers



The city is under a huge amount of development currently, with new skyscrapers & the extension of the metro system. As we prefer to explore on foot, this caused us no end of problems as KL isn’t really designed for pedestrians at the best of times & it just made it worse.


National Park
Tired of the City we sought refuge at the National Park (another nightmare walk across a dual carriage way behind the main station). This is honestly the biggest park we’ve seen & well worth a visit. It also contains the bird, butterfly & deer parks & is behind the National Museum.



Shopping Malls
Neither of us are fans of shopping, but there are ‘hundreds’ of them and the aircon is worth a visit in the midday heat. We found M&S (inc food), Harrods, Top Shop, Dorothy P & Debenhams in the ones we visited.

War Graves
Whilst we were there, I also took the opportunity to visit The Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery to visit the grave of an uncle (I’d never met) who died at the age of 19 & is buried here.


We move on to Singapore next, & it’ll be interesting to compare the two cities.

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  1. I love the buildings lit up at night, spectacular. And the flowers from the park-wow! would love to have one of those at home but don’t think it’ll like the UK weather somehow !;)

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