Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

The heat in Asia has reached the VERY hot stage (but apparently we can still look forward to SUPER hot), therefore we headed for the cool temperatures of the Cameron Highlands.

From Penang the bus journey was supposed to take 3hrs, but due to traffic jams (I haven’t witnessed since my days commuting to work) it took 6.5 hours!

We both had romantic images of tea plantations & old timber colonial houses; in reality, the three main towns resemble ski resorts, out of snow season, with lots of new developments going up.

However there are plenty of tea plantations; & strawberries, roses, honey, scones, lavender (& curry houses) for those of us wanting a reminder of good old UK.

What to do

There are 10 routes & we were looking forward to these. However, after meeting a girl in Langkawi who was robbed at knifepoint (the hostel had signs indicating the dates & routes of latest victims); the way they were advertised ‘overgrown & strewn with rubbish’ & had little described on scenic opportunities; we decided against it.
Instead we decided on a half hour walk to the Cameron Valley tea plantation (nice cuppa then back).


Tea plantations
We visited two… The Cameron Valley & BOH (the largest set up by a Scottish family 80 years ago). If interested in the history see http://



Strawberry Farms
There are around 30 providing strawberries for the cafes, pick your own & products for tourists.

Rose Gardens & Bee Farm

Worth a visit if you are looking to fill some time.

Butterfly Farm & Indigenous Insects
More interesting than we thought with Malaysian species including the Raja Brooke’s Birdwing.



We spent 3 nights here which is ample to experience everything.


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