SihanoukVille, Cambodia

SihanoukVille is located on the coast of Cambodia, about halfway between Thailand and Vietnam, on the Bay of Thailand.

About the town & beaches
The town is spread out over a large area and getting from one part to another, is best done by tuk tuk. It is a bustling town; a haven for holiday makers & longer term travellers. It is currently being developed on a large scale, but still retains plenty of areas of local life.
Three sides of the town are bordered by tropical beaches, some crowded with tourists, some chilled out with laid back backpackers & some nearly deserted.

We were drawn here because of the beaches, and a chance to relax after what seems a hectic travel schedule so far. Therefore, we were not interested in the holiday scene in town & chose to stay out of town at Don Bosco School Hotel.

Otres Beach
Want a quiet beach? Walk for about 15-20 mins along the sand & you are almost on your own. We loved this beach & the hotel had a free minibus service 3 times a day.


Ocheteaul Beach
This is a busy beach full of backpackers & holiday makers. If you want to be in the heart of the life & soul of the town, this is the place.
This is also the place to head for if you want to catch the Backpacker Ferry to Koh Rong Island (the fast ferry to the Island is from Serendipity Beach).

Don Bosco School Hotel
Whilst I would normally mention where we stayed & provide a link, (if we thought it was worth recommending) I wouldn’t normally dedicate a section to it. However, The Don Bosco School Hotel is different.
It was created and is managed by the Don Bosco Foundation and is a unique concept in Cambodia.
It is not only a good budget hotel, but also a professional school educating and training Cambodia’s disadvantaged youth for the hospitality industry and a better life.
In front of the hotel is the Technical School which covers secretarial alongside mechanics training. Entering the hotel complex is like a huge technical college; but don’t be put off by first impressions. Although a little jaded cosmetically, the hotel makes up on service, with the students eager to provide best possible service to the guests.
Price was $30 night on

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