Battambang, Cambodia

A small town, with fewer tourists than the others we visited. Still plenty of local life going on, but has several attractions making it worth a 2-3 day visit.

Unfurtunately, we felt under the weather during our visit, so didn’t get the opportunity to see all the things listed, however here is a link detailing those we missed Battambang

The Town
The town is situated in the heart of the Northwest of Cambodia. Until the war years, in which almost every infrastructure was destroyed, it was the leading rice-producing province of the country.

The name Battambang (prounounced Bat-dam-bong) refers to an ancient legend & was apparently translated from Khmer incorrectly by the French.
The population now is around 250,000 people . It’s a riverside town, home to some of the best-preserved, French colonial architecture in the country.







We stayed at the Emerald B&B Hotel which was amazing value at under £10 per room per night.

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