Cambodian Cooking Experience

We wanted to do a cooking class whilst in Asia, but many seem tourist packaged & costly. We really wanted our money to go to a local, rather than a big organisation.

When I first saw the WithLocals site, which connects local people with travellers across Asia, it looked a much more attractive concept.

We decided to book our experience in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Part of the initial reason was that we had tried Cambodian Amok curry, absolutely loved it & wanted to learn how to cook it.

Fish Amok cooking on the stove

Ben our host is an inspiration, He not only set up the experience (with his family actively involved) but more than that, he has created a social enterprise. He gives a % of the bookings to the local villagers, which is only a part of the work he does, trying to re-educate people about self sufficiency.
At weekends he has created an outside classroom (which doubles as the cooking area) & teaches the local kids English.

Head Chef - Ben's Mum

Our experience started off with making the filling, rolling & then cooking spring rolls.

Our Spring Rolls

Next came fish Amok. we were shown how to make the paste with lemongrass, galangal, chilli, garlic & onion.

Making the banana leaf 'bowls'

Finally a pumpkin custard.


All of these were made by hand, using a pestle & mortar to grind the chilli paste & peanuts.
I was shown how to light the stove using rubber from an inner tube & kindling.

The afternoon was quite physical work, in near 90o heat; but an amazing experience. Meeting Ben was a true privilege & very educational.

If you want to book this experience whilst visiting Siem Reap in Cambodia visit Amazing Cambodian Food or any other WithLocals experience throughout Asia visit WithLocals

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