Phetchaburi – Thailand

We decided to take a bus rather than the train from Hau Hin to Phetchaburi, for ease. The buses run all day, half hourly (the trains run all night up until 06.30 & then there is not another until 14.30).

Phetchaburi is definitely a more authentic Thai town, steeped in history & culture. There are hardly any tourists & the locals speak very little English; it’s a great experience ordering food & a surprise what you will actually receive when it arrives.

It was certainly worth visiting for 2 days & a nice culture change from the frantic rush of Bangkok, and the touristy vibe of Hau Hin.
If you love temples & palaces, this is the place to come Things to do

The Wat Mahatahat (Giant White Pagoda)
This is the main temple in Phetchaburi and features a five-spired white-washed brick prang that is said to house relics of Lord Buddha.



Wat Phlap Phla Chai
Situated behind our accomodation, this is also a beautiful temple.



Wat Yai Suwannaram
It is easy to think this a dilapidated complex of buildings at first sight. Especially when deserted & feral dogs roam the area. However, this is the pride and joy of Phetchaburi, a 17C temple restored two centuries later under the Chakri dynasty. Make sure you get inside & view the ancient wall tapestries.



The Phetchaburi River

I just loved the elephants on the bridge

Phra Nakhon Khiri Palace
Located on top of a small mountain that can be reached with a cable car to the top (in the Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park which also houses the observatory, museum & temple).



We stayed at White Monkey Guesthouse which we loved for location & friendliness, at a budget price.

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