Visiting SE Asia? Vaccine Costs: a Cheaper Alternative

When we had the majority if our vaccinations last year for our trip to Central America, it cost a fortune. Rarer vaccines such as rabies can cost up to £150 per course. Facing a similar price for Japanese Encephalitis for our SE Asia trip, I decided to do some research.

Reading a blog by ‘Two Kids in Tow’ How to cut the cost of vaccinations
(Who have been very helpful to me on a number of occasions); we decided to give the Bankok clinic a go!

The Hospital of Tropical Diseases
The travel clinic based at the Mahidol University, was fairly near to where we were staying; so we decided to walk / tour this part of the city on our first day. However, I would recommend taking the Skytrain to the Victory Monument & follow the directions on the website; as traffic, pollution & motorcycles on the pavement, do not make for the most relaxed of strolls.

On arriving at the hospital, we were impressed by the state of the art surroundings & cleanliness. A modern flagship hospital, which makes some in the UK look very poor in comparison.
The Thai Travel Clinic was very well staffed, all of whom spoke English. Firstly we were registered at reception & were then directed upstairs to the clinic itself.
We completed a medical questionnaire, were weighed & our blood pressure taken. Next we had a 15min consultation with the doctor (£2 each) who advised us on vaccinations needed; how to avoid parasitic infections/ stomach upsets and mosquito protection/whether to take anti malerials.
We both had Japanese Encephalitis injections & were given some antibiotics to take with us for the more remote areas of our journey, in case of stomach infections.
All in all, our experience cost us £12.50 each; at least £120 cheaper than in the UK.

If you are travelling via Bankok, I would recommend it! I believe that similar hospitals can be found in Kuala Lumpur & Singapore.

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