We had heard a lot about this ancient city, which was made a UNESCO site in 1984. Being a 4.5hr drive from us, we decided to make it an overnight stay.

View of the ancient city from the Guadalquivir River

The first trace of human presence in the area are the remains of a Neanderthal Man,dating to c. 42,000 to 35,000 B.C.
The Romans made Córdoba their Hispanic Capital, until it was captured in 711 by a Muslim army.
In the 10th and 11th centuries, Córdoba was one of the most advanced cities in the world. The Great Mosque of Córdoba dates back to this time.
Córdoba was captured by King Ferdinand III of Castile in 13th Centuary & in 1523 the centre of the mosque was transformed into a cathedral.
To do justice to the history of the city here is a great article: The Guardian

Present day
Today, Còrdoba’s historic centre has grown outwards to be surrounded by a bustling modern city, complete with everything you’d want from a major city.
In the historic centre you can still see remenants of Roman, Arabic, Jewish & Spanish history. Top that with amazing tapas, Flemenco dancing & traditional music, it is certainly one of our recommended places to visit.

Roman ruins

Outside the ancient mosque

The famous arches inside




The centre of the mosque was transformed into a cathedral which is used today


Modern sculpture
El Palacio


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