Dawn’s Magic Moments from Central America

Now we have made it back to the UK for a visit, there is time for me to reflect on the last 7 months. Here are the top 5 moments (not in order) from the trip:

1) Tikal Ruins, Guatemala
Only partly unearthed & still hidden by jungle, there is something magical about Tikal over all the other ruins we visited.

See: Tikal Ruins

2) Teaching at El Hato school, Guatemala
Our 2 weeks volunteering at the village school high up in the mountains above Antigua, was certainly a memory I will keep forever.

See: El Hato School Volunteering

3) Seeing the Rare Quetzal in Monteverde, Costa Rica
This was by far the best ‘paid for’ activity we invested in during our trip.

See: Monteverde

4) Watching the Sunset on my Birthday in Samara, Costa Rica.
Of all the amazing sunsets we experienced, Samara remains my favourite beach for a beer at sunset. We have visited twice now and there is something very special about the place.

See: Samara

5) The Tranquil Beaches of The Corn Islands, Nicaragua
We visited many beautiful islands on our trip: Bocas Archipelago, Caye Caulker, Mujeres & Cozumel. The most scenic, yet deserted, was Big & Little Corn.

See: The Corn Islands

So many other wonderful moments which I’d love to mention, but just missed the top 5!

* Our first experience of teaching English in Bocas & Boquete, Panama (& the confidence to try more teaching opportunities)
* Old & New of Panama City
* Cahuita, laid back Caribbean town in Costa Rica
* Everything Guatemala (our favourite place) but especially: Santa Clara breakfasts; El Hato School; The main square Antigua; Exploring Tikal; The Mayan People; Colour & flavour in everything
* Yucatan, thank you for Mole Sauce, amazing people, food, variety & the beautiful Isla Mujeres.

… And finally
* All the wonderful Chicken Bus rides (& not so wonderful ones) which (mainly) got us from one end of Central America to the other.

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