Isla Mujeres, Mexico

As our tour of Yucatan (& indeed Central America) comes to an end, we visited the Isla de Mujeres before flying from Cancun, to the UK.

With beautiful white beaches & crystal clear water (teaming with fish) the island is only 5 miles long & you can walk the width in just a few minutes. You can view sunrise over the sea on one side & sunset on the other.



The 20 min ferry leaves Cancun every half an hour & costs £7 (M$149) return each.

Initially when we arrived we were a little disappointed as it appeared to be a mini Playa del Carmen, or Cozumel.

Amazing Street Art

However, once the day trippers have returned to Cancun, the place becomes quieter. The many bars & restaurants in the main strip, compete with each other to draw the customers in. However, only a few seemed full to capacity, with many completely empty.


There are cars on the island, but the main form of transport for tourists are the golf carts, which can be hired for M$500 a day. There are numerous hire companies, but as we found out, none are open to negotiating (the prices appear fixed across them all).

A little way out of the main area, beautiful villas are perched along the coast. Many enjoy sea views from both front & back, due the island being so narrow.

The main draw however, is the crystal clear water & abundant sealife. Our favourite beach being the lagoon by the Hotel Mia.
Because of a reef bordering both sides of the lagoon the fish get ‘trapped’ in the shallower water. This is an ideal sheltered snorkeling spot therefore, & people come to feed the fish crackers & observe them close up.

Snorkel in the lagoon

The other main attraction on the island, is a snorkeling trip with Whale Sharks. There are many operators offering trips which cost US$115 (so they aren’t cheap) but for wildlife enthusiasts, it’s a must.

We are sad to leave the Island, it has been an amazing place to finish our travels.

We now have two nights in Cancun before flying to the UK.
After that, we will be returning to Spain until the end of November, when our adventures in Asia will begin.

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