Tulum – Mexico

Staying in the popular resorts, is certainly starting to challenge our budget, especially accomodation. However, we wanted to visit Tulum to see the Mayan ruins & famous beaches.


The beachfront properties are ‘all inclusives’ & resorts. If your backpacking, accomodation is located either side of the main highway, from the bus station eastwards. There are plenty of bars & restaurants; this is also where the locals live. The beaches are 4-6km away, so it’s best to rent a bike or take a collectivo.


As we found out, if you head towards the beaches & follow the road right, there is only one small public beach. The rest are private access only for the resorts. Better to take the turning left, towards the ruins, which are surrounded by the National Park beaches. Be prepared for a tiring bike ride which ever way you go, it’s hot!


The ruins are not as large as some of the others. However, their cliff top location makes them unique & well worth a visit at 59 Pesos (£2.70).





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