Top 5 Magic Moments – Blog by Colin

Now that Dawn has chosen her Top 5 Moments so far, I think its a good time to select mine.

There are so many to choose from, however, here are my favourite five, again in no order:

1) Snorkeling with Sharks – Little Corn Island
We’d been told that you can sometimes see Nurse Sharks off the beach. It still came as a bit of a shock however, to see two 6ft sharks swim past me, only metres from the beach.

Photo courtesy of

Blog: The Corn Islands

2) Surfing at Sunset – Samara, Costa Rica
Longboarding on a nice mellow wave, followed by a beer at sunset.

Blog: Samara

3) Volcano Masaya – Nicaragua
Looking over the edge of a live volcano.


Blog: Volcano Masaya

4) Teaching English – Boquete, Panama
Teaching my first class solo was a fantastic experience.
Image courtesy of Habla Ya language school

Blog: Teaching English

5) Swimming at Sunset – San Juan, Nicaragua
The beautiful beach at San Juan was great for swimming of an evening; followed by a beer on the sand as the sun set.

Blog: San Juan Del Sur

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