Top 5 Magic Moments – Blog by Dawn

Since starting our travels in January, there have been many highlights & many more to come I’m sure, as we continue through Central America. 

It’s hard to choose just 5, but here are my ‘Top Magic Moments’ so far (in no particular order):

1) Sitting on deserted beaches in The Corn Islands in Nicaragua – Paradise!


Blog: Corn Islands

2) Watching the lightening display at night, illuminate the three volcanoes & water, at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala – dramatic!


Blog: Lake Atitlan

3) Picking & roasting coffee in Boquete, Panama at Dos Jefes


Blog: Coffee tour

4) Watching the sunset on my birthday, from a beach bar in Samara, Costa Rica.


Blog: Samara

5) Quetzal watching at Monteverde, Costa Rica (among other animals including: toucans, monkies, tarantulas, humming birds, the list goes on …)


Blog: Monteverde

Blog by Dawn


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