Volcano Masaya – Nicaragua

On our last day in Nicaragua, we came back to the Finca outside Managua. Nicaragua has been on red alert after the recent earthquakes, & there is concern that the fault line has been reopened. When we returned, Managua was still on red alert as it is at the epi centre of the fault.

We wanted to take a visit to a volcano whilst we were in Nicaragua (there are quite a few to choose from) & Volcano Masaya, the live volcano that overlooks Managua, was a great opportunity.


Graphic of tectonic plates


Nicaragua’s volcanoes – the ones with smoke are active

As you can see the live & dormant volcanoes in Nicaragua form an almost straight line. This is where the two plates; Coco & Caribe are sliding one under each other, along the fault line which goes straight through Managua.







You can literally drive up to the craters edge – views into the crater

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