San Juan Del Sur – Nicaragua

As our first stop in Nicaragua, SJDS is a nice enough place, but it could be anywhere in the world. It is the most popular resort on the Nicaraguan Pacific Coast. This is probably because it offers an amazing beach with perfect susets; surfing beaches out of town; bars & restaurants (offering Sushi to Raw/Vegan, beers to fancy cocktails); but most probably because it is just across the border from CR & easy to get to.



Don’t get me wrong, its a beautiful place, & ideal to relax, but I wonder what the local people make of the influx of mainly Americans/Canadians with their fancy restaurants. Underneath the tourist facade, there is still the local fishing community here. Children try to make a living on the beaches selling CDs & woven grass figures. Perhaps they smile to themselves watching the hoards of backpackers stream into town with their welcome $s.




On Sunday night, we saw the now ‘famous’ pub crawl (Twitter @TheDirtyCrawl ) and we were left wondering if this place will be allowed to turn into the infamous ‘Costas’ in Spain.

I hope for the sake of this beautiful town & its people, that they do not, however welcome the tourist $ might seem & they get the balance right. 

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