Rainforest Trek, Monteverde CR

Having been disappointed 9 years ago when we paid for a trek through rainforest in CR, we were a little sceptical when the hotel owner recommended this one.

However, this must be one of the highlights of our journey so far.

The guide was the most motivated person I have ever met. Although he probably does the same journey everyday, he was like a little boy in a sweetshop when he found some wildlife, & literally had us running around with excitement too.

The highlight was seeing the elusive Quetzal, a beautiful bright bird only found in certain countries in this part of the world.

He brought a powerful scope with him, and all if the photos below were taken using my smartphone through the scope. The only photo missing is the tarantula in its den, on the forest floor as I didn’t want to stick around.



Male Quetzal


Female Quetzal




Native deer female & male below




Spider Monkey


Titrya bird native to CR & Panama


Nests of the Oro Pendula bird


Beautiful midnight blue humming bird

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