Tambor, Nicoya Costa Rica

Having seen a brochure for this Peninsula, we thought we would tour around & then bus it up to Samara (where we visited 9yrs ago & want to return). However, we now realise this is not that easy… due to the lack of roads!

From San Jose, we caught a 2.5 hr packed bus to Paquera in temps of 36° & no aircon. Then a 70min ferry. Then another 1.5 hr bus to a place called Tambor. You can see from the map this is the most direct route.


Tambor is extremely quiet, although there is a population of Gringos here. It’s a kind of chill out place, which is great after the mileage we have covered in the last 7 days.

We booked accommodation before arriving; luckily it has a restaurant as there is only a pizza place (shack), a bar in a larger ‘shack’ and a posh resort within walking distance.

The main draw is the 6km beach of black volcanic sand. Although it is calm & swimmable, the water is not clear. Being a little nervous I’ve only gone waist high, as I’ve seen sting rays washed up, Although Colin has had a good swim.
It is however, a beautiful walk along the beach (if you go at low tide, as there is a river which cuts it off half way at high tide. We found this out the hard way!).

There is a large fishing community here. They literally stand waist deep & cast nets. Tonight I realised why, when I saw the big game fish they were pulling in just yards from the beach.



The pelicans also take advantage of the fish. You can watch them all day diving.


The place is teeming with wild life: large red squirrels that are bright russet with a black stripe, howler monkeys, toads & unfortunately very large bugs!

We will stay until Sunday & make our way to Samara by a tourist mini bus. Unfortunately, this is the first time we have not gone by public transport. It will cost us $50 each, but save 4-5 hours & be air conditioned.

In the meantime, we plan some day trips to the hippy resort of Montezuma & up market Mal Pais. Neither towns had room availabilty as still high season.

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