Boquete & Volcano Baru

After a 5hr bus journey, we arrived in Boquete, high in the mountains at the foot of volcano Baru (extinct).

The town is a complete transformation from the Bocas islands. Beautiful scenery which is a cross between Wales & Switzerland, teamed with cooler mountain breezes. Compared to Bocas, it is cleaner & the tourists are into hiking rather than surfing.



Whilst we are here, we hope to do some trips: coffee plantation, wildlife, town of David, waterfalls & of course walk up some of the volcano (apparently it takes 6 hrs to the top!).

We’ve certainly fallen on our feet with accommodation this time. Using airb&b we basically have the lower floor to someone's house to ourselves! Certainly makes a change from the hostels we have stayed in.


Initially we plan to stay for 2 weeks, which happens to coincide with an International Jazz & Blues Festival, with events in local bars & open air at the base of the volcano.

The music here is a mix of Panamian Salsa, Mariachi, Cumbia & have adopted a Dominican Republic band called Aventura. They look like a Latin American JLS & it is played everywhere including the bus here!

The buses used locally are old school buses. Some kept original yellow (think Simpson’s), some decked out in full artwork. Inside ours yesterday was massive speakers, flashing lights & discuss ball (complete with music from Aventura, local Salsa, Adele & Rolling stones!).

We will update on our trips & of course the Jazz festival.

Volcano Baru



The town






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