Costa Rica: Getting there & San Jose

After 9 hour flight to Newark, we had planned to take a night trip around NY. However a recent snow storm & -6 teamed with tiredness, we decided to try & get our heads down at the airport. We caught a 4 hr flight the next morning on to Costa Rica.

We were unsure whether to stay in the capital originally, due to mixed feedback. At first sight, the place appeared a bit war torn & being a Sunday, deserted. However, we are really glad we stayed. The city is vibrant; a mix of old & new buildings; people & food. The staple food is rice & beans in various ways: gallo pinto, beans in sauce, refried etc. Meat is either chicken or beef: roasted or casado (stew) or fried fish. Those are typically teamed with tomato salsa or salad or guacamole. My favourite is fried plantain.



The city is a mix of people & traffic; bustling & vibrant. It provides a chance to get over the flight; get aquainted with the food & the great pastime: people watching. We’re glad we stayed a couple of days.

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