Barcelona & Costa Brava beaches

As we have moved on from Zaragoza, the weather has got warmer & warmer – ideal for some time on the Beach.



We are just outside Barcelona where Colin is meeting up with some friends for the weekend.

Firstly we stayed at a campsite in Gava right on the beach but a short bus ride into the city.



We ventured into Barcelona on Saturday, visiting all the sites & walking for miles.

Next we stayed at Calella, at a smart hotel for Colins birthday for a couple of days. It was a special treat to eat out for once, after camp stove cooking. However we both overloaded on amazing rich food & felt ill the next day… Serves us right!

We are now in a resort town called Malgrat until Monday when we head South. Malgrat is an ‘interesting’ place; if you watch the tv programme Benidorm, you’ll know what I mean πŸ™‚ … But it gives a cheap base for Barcelona at 35e per night for a 3 star hotel.

If you walk for long enough, away from the neon & high rise, you can just about find a place which was once Spanish: Small squares hidden away from tourists, backstreets where locals still live.

Once the weekend is over, we are both looking forward to our journey to Almeria; away from ‘touristville’ & some time to settle some roots for the winter.

After 5 weeks, I have only just found the ‘effects’ on my phone camera… Hence overload of frames, tints & special effects from now on πŸ˜‰

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