The First Week – Highs & Lows

Well here we are at the end of our first week… Not the start we planned, but pleasant enough in the end. 

En route from Caen, we mentioned the road sounded a little noisy & by our first stop: Pornichet there was a grating noise & then, a clunk. To keep it short, two tow trucks, 2 garages & €700 later, we hope to have a new wheel bearing unit by Tuesday.

The upside; it has given us loads of time to explore this lovely town. The council seem to have built butterfly gardens at every street corner & therefore the town is full of them… On the beach, everywhere.


We are at a lovely campsite, the couple here have helped us no end with the car issue. We rescued what we could from the car & set up home.



The houses here are amazing; each, individual castles & there have been some amazing sunsets.


My best investment before we left, was the camping stove. I have cooked up some great feasts so far.


We move south on Tuesday car permitting! I will miss this lovely place but not the stuttering owl which keeps us awake… T-T-T-T- toowoo!

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